IBM and VMware Continue to Enhance Workload Modernization Efforts

IBM is unveiling the IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service, a direct result of the ongoing, 20-year partnership between IBM and VMware that elaborates upon their workload modernization and time-to-value acceleration ventures.

IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service is built for security, performance, and compliance to efficiently expedite enterprises’ hybrid cloud adoption. Users can modernize VMware workloads with the cloud’s advantages towards speed and scale, all while simultaneously ensuring resiliency and security are holistically upheld, according to the vendors.

Using IBM’s secure-to-the-core architecture with confidential computing as the foundation for the solution, these security measures are directly embedded in IBM Cloud and VMWare’s software stack, enabling secure and reliable data regardless of its environment.

In order to bolster performance, IBM allows clients to choose how they want to build, deploy, and manage their operations. By factoring in choice, IBM can meet clients where they are—lowering complexity and risk of mission-critical workload migration. Further, performance can be managed dependent on the needs of applications and data to better serve clients’ business processes.

Workload modernization requires interwoven compliance to continuously mitigate against third- and fourth-party risk. With IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service, users can utilize industry specific controls integrated with IBM Cloud to assist in meeting compliance and regulatory guidelines, empowering cloud migration to be as safe as it is performant.

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