IBM Helps Investigators Cut Paperwork Time and Boost Officer Productivity

IBM announced that the South Fulton Police Department (SFPD) in South Fulton, GA has engaged IBM to help its officers rapidly access relevant data in the course of their day-to-day work.

SFPD will use IBM’s capabilities to accelerate the creation of reports and combine disparate data sources to assist officers in searching and discovering relevant information related to a given case.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in modernizing our approach to law enforcement. By leveraging IBM's cutting-edge technology, we're empowering our officers with information they need for quicker, better planning and decision-making. This venture goes beyond technological advancement; it's a commitment to our furthering the safety and well-being of the South Fulton community," said Keith Meadows, South Fulton Police Chief.

 The goal is to condense hours that investigators might spend manually sifting through multiple data sources to put data in their hands in much less time. This project also will help streamline and consolidate internal reporting so that the department’s leadership can better analyze weekly crime trends.

“IBM is excited to assist SFPD. We understand that investigators today have more data sources to draw from than ever before, and that the volume of available information has grown so rapidly that they need new ways to sort, combine and search it. Our goal is to help them solve that challenge by bringing their existing data together so investigators can focus less on paperwork, and more on solving crimes and serving the community.” said Eric Watson, director of client engineering for IBM.

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