IDERA Adds Free Tool Called SQL BI Check to Product Portfolio

Bringing another tool to its product portfolio, IDERA has released SQL BI Check, a no-cost option for real-time performance monitoring of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). SQL BI Check, with agentless installation, provides data on performance metrics with graphs and charts that assess and SSAS health. 

According to the vendor, SQL BI Check is particularly effective for data professionals tasked with overseeing SSAS processes in addition to SQL Server deployments when they have no tools or little budget to manage the SQL BI services layer. This new free tool allows users to see the 16 most important SSAS metrics, providing a picture of their analysis services. The company says it now offers more than 20 tools in its portfolio available at no cost.

“We focused the tool on key areas of performance problems such as CPU, disk, memory, cache and SSAS processes and arranged the results in easy to understand graphs and bubble charts,” said Sandi Warren, product marketing director at IDERA. “This allows users to quickly assess issues without guesswork, enabling them to move on to other, more business-critical tasks.”

Product highlights include real-time performance monitoring for SSAS; physical server metrics for CPU, disk, and storage; analysis metrics for SSAS processing, memory, and cache; and a configurable dashboard to view the key metrics.

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