IDERA Adds MySQL support to Flagship SQL Platform

IDERA, a provider of database productivity tools, is releasing SQL Diagnostic Manager with the new SQL Query Tuner, optimizing SQL queries and indexes for SQL Server. The release also adds MySQL support to its flagship SQL performance monitoring capabilities.

Diagnostic Manager provides advanced monitoring and diagnostics that allow DBAs to detect database performance problems and their root causes quickly, then tune database health and performance.

 The new SQL Query Tuner maximizes database and application performance by quickly diagnosing and tuning poor-performing SQL queries and indexes for SQL Server. It also empowers DBAs and database developers to eliminate performance bottlenecks by profiling databases with wait time analysis, tuning complex SQL queries with visual diagrams and identifying bottlenecks with load testing.

SQL Diagnostic Manager support for MySQL monitoring provides real-time insights to optimize the performance of MySQL and MariaDB servers.

Users can track SQL configuration changes, monitor locked and long-running queries, and view relational cloud database metrics via Amazon CloudWatch. Users can also tune databases, find problems and fix them before they can become serious issues or lead to costly outages.

This release of SQL Diagnostic Manager also includes Minimized Privilege Requirements to monitor SQL Server with reduced user privileges, a new Operator Security Role for contracted off-hours DBAs, and new Grooming and Aggregation Options with more granular settings that permit keeping metrics for long-term reporting while reducing total repository size.

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