IDERA Enhances SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

IDERA, an Idera, Inc. company, has introduced SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL v8.9, which adds new features that strengthen the query analysis and enterprise security of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL to monitor databases in the cloud and on-premise with a single tool.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL was previously known as Monyog, which was part of Webyog’s database administration and management products that Idera, Inc., acquired in April 2018.

According to IDERA, the product can monitor MySQL and MariaDB in complex environments, and is easy to use, quick to start, customizable, ships with over 600 monitors out of the box, and helps to lower cloud costs. As database administrators rely more on the cloud, their organizations incur high costs for any added load on cloud database instances. The latest release of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL helps reduce cloud costs by enabling more efficient queries.

Release v8.9 protects databases also improves security by restricting access to custom dashboards, hiding literals in SQL statements, and enabling the removal of the default administrator login.

"The steady growth in the diversity of database deployments, from virtualization to private and public clouds, introduces countless new variables and risks," said Rob Reinauer, director of SQL Server product management at Idera, Inc. "IDERA helps database professionals mitigate data risk and cost, and build confidence in data infrastructures regardless of where they are deployed. Today, our customers test and deploy to multiple public cloud platforms."

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is an agentless monitoring tool that provides real-time insights to optimize MySQL and MariaDB server performance. Users can tune databases, track SQL configuration changes, monitor locked and long-running queries, and view relational cloud database service metrics. This allows users to find and fix problems before they can become serious issues or lead to costly outages.

The product is part of IDERA’s growing portfolio of database monitoring tools for MySQL and MariaDB that include Aqua Data Studio, ER/Studio Data Architect, DBArtisan, and Rapid SQL.

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