IDERA Improves Process Modeling in Latest ER/Studio Release

IDERA, a provider of database lifecycle management solutions, has released ER/Studio 17, incorporating significant updates to its Business Architect process modeling tool. The new capabilities are aimed at helping business analysts to map and model relationships between people, processes, and data as the foundation for enterprise architecture and data governance initiatives.

It is crucial for an organization to map out their business processes in order to effectively manage their operations and achieve their goals, noted John O'Brien, principal advisor and CEO, Radiant Advisors. The latest release of ER/Studio Business Architect gives companies the capabilities to clearly document all aspects of those processes, identify any gaps or inefficiencies and communicate them across the organization, he added.   

According to IDERA, as companies continue to grow and change, capturing everything involved in how a business works can be challenging. ER/Studio Business Architect is intended to provide a common language to help users to bridge the communication gap between business process design and implementation.

Key features in the new release include Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 compliance and validation that combine intuitive visual modeling with the rich semantics of the BPMN 2.0 standard. ER/Studio 17 enables businesses to communicate about business processes in a clear and consistent manner, allowing complex processes to be decomposed, modeled and understood using capabilities and constructs for choreography, conversation and collaboration business processes.

Validation against the BPMN 2.0 standard ensures that process models meet the requirements for organizations that need it, but the feature can be turned off for those that do not require rigorous adherence to the standard.

With many organizations seeing a substantial increase in data, as well an increase in regulatory compliance pressures, it is necessary to have a solid strategy for both data and process management, said Ron Huizenga, senior product manager at IDERA, noting that ER/Studio provides a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to establish enterprise architecture to effectively manage both processes and data across the organization and form a solid foundation for governance.

ER/Studio Business Architect 17 is available as a standalone product or integrated with the ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition suite.

The team edition provides additional updates for this release, including performance and publishing improvements for the collaborative model and metadata repository (Team Server), and additions and updates to the relational and NoSQL import and export bridges (MetaWizard). These enhancements further improve the customer experience and the ability to map the entire data landscape. 

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