IDERA Releases Major Update to DB PowerStudio

IDERA, a provider of database lifecycle management solutions, has released DB PowerStudio 2016+, a portfolio of database management tools, which was designed and built from the ground up by IDERA following the company’s acquisition of Embarcadero in October 2015. With this update, in particular, IDERA adds new features for Oracle databases.

DB PowerStudio combines four products (DBArtisan, DB Change Manager, DB Optimizer and Rapid SQL) to help database professionals build and maintain mission-critical database systems, efficiently handle database change management and pinpoint and fix performance bottlenecks. The latest release provides an integrated multi-platform experience, allowing DBAs to manage their combined Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP Sybase and IBM DB2 environments in a unified dashboard.

With DB PowerStudio 2016+, IDERA says it has significantly expanded Oracle support in DBArtisan and Rapid SQL to include 11 additional Oracle-specific schema object types along with other features, including the full set of partitioning options for both tables and indexes.

The new release also adds multiple performance improvements to increase response time and decrease time to solution. For example, the company says, DBArtisan and Rapid SQL now include a one-click operation that combines technical support details into a .zip file that customers can send to IDERA for troubleshooting, eliminating typical back-and-forth spec gathering.

In addition, IDERA has also simplified all of the products in the DB PowerStudio suite by consolidating each product into a single edition with all available features, ensuring that all customers can access the full capabilities of each tool.

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