IDERA Releases SQL Inventory Tool at No Cost to Users

IDERA is releasing its SQL Inventory Check platform for free to allow database administrators (DBAs) to easily discover servers on the network and verify versions to keep them properly maintained or to prepare for migrations.

“Being able to use a powerful free tool that automatically detects SQL Servers and then verifies their patch versions allows DBAs to skip the busywork, saving both time and money,” said Vicky Harp, corporate strategist at IDERA.

In 2015, IDERA introduced SQL Inventory Manager, a paid tool that offered comprehensive inventory management for SQL Server environments.

With SQL Inventory Check, DBAs now have some of that capability for free.

Key features of the platform include the ability to inventory all SQL Servers on the network, discover unknown and forgotten instances posing security and performance risks, track SQL Servers to manage license and support costs and stay on top of important SQL Server updates and patches.

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