INNOVATION Aligns With EMC to Support Virtual Tape Migration

INNOVATION Data Processing is teaming with storage infrastructure vendor EMC to support customers installing or migrating to the EMC Disk Library for mainframe (Dlm) virtual tape libraries. As part of this arrangement, EMC will offer INNOVATION's FATSCOPY Tape Migration Utility.

FATSCOPY is employed by EMC DLm customers to help migrate mainframe data during new Dlm deployments. The vendors' partnership will help ensure that the two solutions will operate together at their highest levels of performance, says Thomas Meehan, vice president of technology advancement at INNOVATION Data Processing. As big data and cloud become a ubiquitous part of mainframe enterprises, “interoperable solutions such as FATSCOPY and the EMC Disk Library for mainframe help them contend with geometric data growth by reducing the amount of data they backup and the time they spend moving it,” he explains.

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