IOUG Member Wins Apple iPad through Participation in IOUG Survey

Judy Lubbers, lead database engineer, Gap, Inc., is the winner of the IOUG ResearchWire sweepstakes drawing for an Apple iPad. Lubbers' name was entered into the drawing as a result of her participation in the recent IOUG ResearchWire study, "Keeping Up With Ever-Expanding Enterprise Data."

All of the IOUG studies focus on Oracle technology or things affecting data professionals. The findings allow members to benchmark where their organizations stand with their technology environment, and also where members themselves are in their careers as Oracle technology professionals.

"I have been a member of IOUG for 11 years, since starting to work with Oracle," said Lubbers. "A benefit of belonging to IOUG is drawing on talent from DBAs that have a wide variety of experience doing real-world Oracle database administration and engineering. The conferences and the technical presentations are excellent, in addition to the white papers that are available online. The website is very helpful and informative when doing research on implementing something new or just keeping up with Oracle products and features."

The executive summary of the IOUG ResearchWire study, "Keeping Up With Ever-Expanding Enterprise Data," is publicly available here.

IOUG members can access the report on the same IOUG web page using their user name and password. Scroll to the bottom of that page for quick instructions.