IOUG Releases New Research on Data Security

Although there is a growing awareness among enterprise executives and managers of the potential risks to enterprise data security, organizations that practice prevention, detection and administrative controls across their data assets are still in the minority of enterprises, according to new research. The failure to provide the necessary tools, technologies, and methodologies to protect data is at odds with the increasing awarenesss that data is the fuel that runs the business.

The research was conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., among IOUG members and underwritten by Oracle. The survey draws distinctions between leaders and laggards to gauge the best practices that forward-looking managers are undertaking to secure their data, and embed security awareness and methodologies into their organizations. 

The survey found that organizations are committing more resources to network protection than anywhere else, but the most serious damage is likely to occur at the database layer.  In addition, although more enterprises are taking measures to prevent insider abuse, only one-third fully have solutions and strategies in place. And, in terms of adoption of encryption techniques, while more organizations are applying encryption against data in motion, there are still too few that encrypt all their data at rest.

A total of 322 data managers and professionals who hold a variety of job roles and represent a wide range of organization types, sizes, and industry verticals participated in the survey.  The executive summary is now publicly available, and IOUG members may download the complete survey report, “Data Security: Leaders vs. Laggards—2013 IOUG Enterprise Data Security Survey,” is available at

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