IRI Releases Solution to Discover and Protect Data in Excel

Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., The CoSort Company, has released an enterprise-class, data-centric protection solution for corporations storing personally identifying information (PII) in Excel 2010 and 2013 spreadsheets. The IRI CellShield Enterprise Edition (EE) provides a full-featured, professional compliance package for Excel workbooks that can locate and automatically protect sensitive data across a network.

CellShield EE is a comprehensive data discovery and remediation tool that finds PII, protects it at the source, and provides an audit trail for compliance reporting. The solution allows users to find, and then encrypt, redact, or pseudonymize PII in spreadsheets on their machine and/or any shared network drive. Support for SharePoint will be added soon.

CellShield EE uses the dark data discovery wizard in the IRI Workbench GUI to find data in Excel spreadsheets that matches specified patterns and structures. It reports on the locations of cell ranges and presents them for ad hoc or bulk masking, encryption and pseudonymization in a central action worksheet. Details on every protection (or restoration) action taken are written automatically into the audit column.

In addition, CellShield uses some of the same protection functions used by the IRI FieldShield to mask PII in databases, files, big data, and cloud sources. This means that if a department uses FieldShield to mask sensitive IDs in a database that certain Excel locations need to access, only one shared, shielded spreadsheet would need to be created. CellShield would only reveal the PII ranges to those with the right algorithm and key.

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