IT Glue adds New Features that Emphasize Enhanced IT Operations through Increased Efficiency

IT Glue, a Kaseya company and industry standard for IT documentation, is introducing several new product features and integrations, focusing on providing managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT teams with easier access and greater functionality with their most critical asset—IT documentation.  

Each product innovation allows IT Glue customers to optimize their team’s workflows and overall efficiency by eliminating “the space between,” or the time lost moving between separate applications.

With the power of IT Glue, MSPs can accelerate operational efficiencies to drive down costs and increase productivity by putting vital information at their technicians’ fingertips and seamlessly collaborating with customers.

Product highlights include:

  • BMS Live Ticketing inside of IT Glue: Technicians can now address Kaseya BMS tickets directly within IT Glue. The integration allows IT professionals to work on tickets, log time, access suggested documentation and leverage all critical PSA functionality within IT Glue, saving technicians time by never having to leave their IT documentation product.
  • Archive Assets: Users can archive configurations, passwords and more within IT Glue. As one of the most requested features from IT Glue customers, this enables MSPs to scale more easily by segregating managed assets currently in use from legacy ones within their IT Glue instance. The result is leaner documentation and more efficient search results
  • IT Glue in the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App: Kaseya Fusion is the future of IT on mobile. By integrating IT Glue into the Fusion app, Kaseya has placed the core components of IT Complete – RMM, PSA and IT documentation – into the hands of on-site technicians, giving them access to the information they need the most when working on the go at client sites. Fusion allows technicians to view, create, update and resolve service tickets no matter where they are. With easy access to IT asset information from VSA, users can easily search for agents, organizations and machine groups, and run agent procedures right from the Fusion app. Incidents can be resolved from anywhere at any time with tickets updated and closed in real-time via mobile devices.
  • Automated Virtualization Documentation: This new feature for Network Glue empowers MSPs with greater visibility into virtual networks so they can identify virtual machines and their hosts to automate the documentation of all virtual network machines.Unitrends MSP Backup Coverage Report: By integrating Unitrends MSP and IT Glue, MSPs can now produce on-demand PDF reports of their configuration backup coverage for Unitrends. With these reports, MSPs can instantly identify additional revenue opportunities as well as unprotected assets in their clients’ backup environments.
  • MyGlue Help Center: The MyGlue Help Center introduces a shared knowledge base for MSPs and their MyGlue customers that allows the greater community to benefit from collective experiences and knowledge as well as enhanced collaboration-as-a-service.

“The last few months have created unique challenges for everyone in the IT industry, and many of our customers have come to us looking for solutions, best practices, and strategies to help them navigate these uncertain times,” said Nadir Merchant, CTO and GM of IT Glue. “There is no better venue than GlueX to unveil our newest product innovations, which were developed specifically around the workflow needs of our technicians. By helping MSPs and internal IT teams drive more efficiency, time savings and productivity, IT Glue is enabling these businesses to meet the demands of always having to do more with less. Hands down, our community is the best in the IT industry, and we are committed to creating products that will strategically address the most pressing issues facing them today and into the future.”

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