IT World Canada Chooses Entrinsik Informer to Maintain Campaigns

IT World Canada recently used Entrinsik Informer to manage all their campaigns and deliver all contracted registrations on time.

More than 75,000 IT executives and professionals in Canada rely on IT World Canada’s technology information. As the Canadian affiliate of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s largest IT information provider, IT World Canada is the leading Canadian online multimedia information provider with digital titles including, IT,, and

It is critical, from a customer satisfaction perspective, to constantly monitor all of their clients’ campaigns to ensure the high-quality leads coming from registrations are delivered to every client on time.

They use Informer for report generation, decision support, and business process management. Informer’s Dataset enables them to consolidate the different campaign Datasources while Dashboards provide up to the minute reporting and act as a hub to link all the different software tools used to the individual campaigns for easy access.

Other challenges IT World Canada faced included clients requiring individualized formatting for their leads reports to align with their CRM system configuration. As well, campaign managers and staff needed a convenient way to easily access the different software tools and files used in managing each individual campaign.

Using Informer, IT World Canada now produces an invaluable overview of all the campaigns they are running for clients, so they easily see the status of all campaigns and which ones need immediate attention.

According to Arlo Murphy, Director of Business Intelligence and Audience Services at, “we rely on Informer’s powerful reporting and dashboard functionality to keep us on top of all of our campaigns so that we can deliver every registration to every client on time”.

Using Informer’s Dashboards, IT World Canada set up a Campaign Monitor for campaign managers to know the status of each campaign and exactly where they should prioritize their resources to ensure the success of every campaign. This enabled them to eliminate wasted time in non-critical areas.

With the Dashboards providing near real-time statistics for new registrations, Campaign Managers can see whether they’re on track, how many registrations are required, how close the campaign is to its deadline, and where they need to focus their attention.

The Campaign Monitor also shows Campaign Managers what departments are currently working on which campaigns and their associated tasks outstanding. As well, the Campaign Monitor makes it easier for Campaign Managers to manage campaigns by acting as a central hub that not only provides status reporting but access to all the software tools used to manage each campaign.