Idera Acquires iDevFactory, Expands SharePoint Security Offerings

Idera, a provider of Microsoft SharePoint management and administration tools, announced the acquisition of iDevFactory, a provider of SharePoint security administration software. In addition, Idera announced the availability of Idera SharePoint security manager with support for SharePoint 2010. SharePoint security manager is the product formerly known as iDevFactory Universal SharePoint Manager (USPM).

While SharePoint has security capabilities, they often require manual oversight, Julia Hall, director of SharePoint Products at Idera, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "A majority of security management can be done with the native SharePoint interface," she explains. "However, a thorough and complete analysis requires that every possible layer of security be examined. For example; being able to identify where a user has access would require managers to visit every site collection, every site in the site collections, every list and library, followed by the items in those list and libraries. By the time that analysis has been complete, you cannot guarantee that changes at the beginning of your analysis haven't taken place."

Idera's SharePoint security manager tool "provides a cumulative view into all those layers presenting managers the real-time snap shot they need," she continues.

SharePoint contains a wealth of documents, much of it sensitive content that must be appropriately secured. Idera SharePoint security manager enables administrators to quickly understand their SharePoint security model, ensure appropriate security where permissions have been applied, audit compliance, and administer changes to security and permissions as required, in minutes instead of hours.

Hall states that there is growing concern about legal and compliance liabilities for internal messages and collaboration documents, an area that Idera can help address. "Companies are continually seeing the benefits of information sharing at the broadest level, but at the same time there are still sensitive materials that need to be protected and reserved for only those that work or have a need to know," she says.

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