Idera Announces New Product to Compare SQL Server Data and Schemas

Idera, a provider of management and administration solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, has announced SQL comparison toolset v1.1, a solution that is aimed at helping DBAs save time in comparing and synchronizing SQL Server databases.

Idera's SQL comparison toolset provides a complete comparison and synchronization solution in a single product, and helps DBAs to compare databases, including schema objects and data; display the differences in an easy-to-use interface; and generate a single synchronization script covering both the schema and data changes, reducing errors that happen when done manually; execute the generated script to synchronize SQL data, for example, when moving database changes from test to production; and automate the process of database migration, synchronization and promotion, using a powerful command-line interface.

"Moving SQL databases from test to production environments can be a tedious and sometimes nerve-wracking activity, but with Idera's SQL comparison toolset changes can be made safely and efficiently, " states Rick Pleczko, president and CEO of Idera. "Idera's SQL comparison toolset makes easy work of what can be a time consuming and tedious task for SQL DBAs, developers and testers." For more information, go here.