Idera Announces New SQL Virtual Database

Idera, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading provider of management and administration solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, recently announced SQL virtual database, a new product for accessing and extracting data from SQL Server backup files.

SQL virtual database is a new solution that lets database administrators and developers attach SQL Server backup files and query them like they were "live" SQL Server databases. This patent-pending technology enables instant-access to critical data in a backup file without taking the time or storage necessary to restore the database. To access data in a SQL Server backup, the user simply attaches the backup file using SQL virtual database, and then uses any native SQL Server or third-party tool to query and extract the data in minutes.

Rick Pleczko, president and CEO of Idera, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the benefit of SQL virtual database is that it is a software implementation of a database that enables data storage and retrieval just like a physical database. Because a virtual database acts like a physical database, SQL DBAs can access any data or object in the virtual database using T-SQL scripts, third-party applications, reporting tools, and database management tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Server can't tell the difference between a virtual database and a real database, so you can quickly view, query, and extract data just like it was a real database."

Recently, Idera ran a month-long beta program for the product, and says many DBAs and developers were pleased with its performance and eager to install the full version in their production environment. For example, in one use case there was a need to restore a 400GB database for a bank. Using SQL virtual database the DBA was able to access the required tables from the backup in less than 10 minutes. Another DBA at a different company was able to reduce the time it took his IT department to pull data from a backup from over 2 hours to just 3 minutes, and with complete accuracy.

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