Idera Announces Two New Free Tools for SQL Server DBAs

Idera, a provider of application and server management solutions, is making available two new free tools that monitor the health of SQL Server databases and maximize DBA’s efforts. Idera SQL backup status reporter and SQL fragmentation analyzer are intended to help  DBAs to save time and money by reporting on database backup operations and detecting fragmentation levels across the SQL Server environment so that they can gain clear insight in order to optimize productivity.

Idera’s free SQL backup status reporter displays database backup histories enabling DBAs to easily manage risk by identifying databases which aren’t being backed up or where backups have failed. SQL backup status reporter provides an introduction to SQL safe, Idera’s backup and recovery solution, which Idera says, can reduce database backup time by up to 50% over native backups and backup disk space requirements by up to 95%.

Idera’s free SQL fragmentation analyzer quickly analyzes index fragmentation levels and enables DBAs to determine where fragmentation is causing performance problems.  SQL fragmentation analyzer provides an introduction to SQL defrag manager, Idera’s SQL Server index defragmentation solution that automates the process of finding and repairing fragmentation across the entire SQL Server infrastructure.

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