Idera Enhances SQL Server Backup and Recovery Solutions

Idera, a provider of Microsoft SQL Server management and administration tools, has announced the latest version of its SQL Server backup and recovery solutions: SQL safe 6.4, SQL safe lite 6.4 and SQL virtual database 1.4.

According to Idera, its SQL Server database backup and recovery solution, SQL safe, helps database administrators increase backup compression up to 95% and is at least 50% faster than native SQL backups. Users can reduce disaster recovery stress with ‘right click and restore' functionality - eliminating lengthy, multi-step wizards.

The latest version also enables DBAs to increase productivity by managing an organization's entire network of SQL Server backups, across trusted and non-trusted domains; easily re-executing previous backup operations by choosing to re-run a single failed policy job or re-running the whole policy; verifying backup files directly from the SQL safe Management Console; and grooming backup files and marking Tivoli Storage Manager backups as inactive. A key focus for SQL safe is ensuring that if users want to do anything regarding their backup and recovery across their entire enterprise that they are able to do that from the SQL safe Management Console as well doing multi-instance job scheduling, emphasizes Heather Sullivan, director of SQL Server products at Idera.

Additionally, the latest version of SQL safe lite which gives DBAs a high-performance compression engine that provides up to 95% compression and a scriptable interface, now supports SQL Server 2008 R2 and Windows 2008 R2.

SQL virtual database, a companion product to SQL safe, that allows backup files to look and act just like a real SQL Server database, now creates and queries virtual databases even faster. With SQL virtual database, users can run queries, insert and delete data, run reports and perform resource-intensive checks like index fragmentation and database integrity against SQL Server database backup files. "We have customers that are retrieving information out of 200 gigabyte backups in 5 minutes, and [out of] 500 to 700 gigabytes in 10 minutes, versus the hours used to take," notes Sullivan.

Separately, Idera announced that announced that Metropolitan Telecommunications chose Idera SQL safe and SQL virtual database to create, manage and monitor backup and log shipping jobs, as well as recover lost data.

More information about SQL safe 6.4, SQL safe lite 6.4, and SQL virtual database 1.4 is available from Idera.