Idera, Inc. acquires Qubole

Idera, Inc. has acquired Qubole, a provider of open data lake solutions. Qubole will join Idera's Database Tools business unit that includes AquaFold, IDERA, Webyog, and WhereScape, expanding the breadth and depth of the company’s cross-platform data-centric solutions.

Qubole is a cloud-native data management platform for data pipelines, streaming analytics, and machine learning workloads that allows enterprises to quickly harness the power of data to gain valuable business insights. Only Qubole provides a unified environment for all major cloud providers and data processing engines. The company's unified environment includes optimized versions of Spark, Presto, Hive, and Airflow, with automation technology that scales usage up or down to meet service-level needs and minimize cloud costs.

Qubole is trusted by leading brands such as Expedia, Disney, Oracle, Gannett, Fanatics, Activision Blizzard, and Adobe to spur innovation and transform their businesses in the era of big data. "Companies generate and store both structured and unstructured data at unprecedented levels," said Randy Jacops, CEO of Idera, Inc. "Qubole's reputation as the leading cross-platform solution focused on unstructured data is a fantastic addition to Idera's Database Tools division. In particular, it will pair well with Idera’s WhereScape business, the leading provider of data automation solutions for data warehouses.”

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