Idera SQL diagnostic manager Now Predicts Upcoming Performance Issues

At the PASS Summit in Seattle last week, Idera announced SQL doctor 1.1 and SQL diagnostic manager 6.5. The solutions help DBAs anticipate SQL performance problems and offer remedies before they become serious issues.

SQL doctor is a new tool for database administrators (DBAs) and database developers intended to collects SQL Server configuration and run-time information, analyze the results, pinpoint problems, and provide immediate prioritized recommendations to resolve identified SQL Server performance problems.

According to Idera, it optimizes SQL Server performance by providing easy to understand performance tuning recommendations including index usage, T-SQL syntax enhancements, and configuration changes, improves DBA productivity by eliminating lengthy discovery and diagnosis activities, enabling DBAs to focus on more important tasks, and helps maintain SQL Server performance by performing both real-time and scheduled health checkups.

In addition, the company announced the release of SQL diagnostic manager 6.5, a new version of Idera's SQL Server performance monitoring and diagnostics solution, that aims to minimize server downtime by providing agent-less, real-time monitoring and customizable alerting for fast diagnosis and remediation of SQL Server performance and availability problems.

Idera SQL diagnostic manager 6.5 provides predictive alerting to prevent SQL Server performance problems by analyzing current and historical activity and flagging what performance alerts are likely to be raised in the next 12 hours. The new release also offers enhanced query monitoring to enable easy identification of the worst performing queries for a system resource such as CPU, I/O, reads or writes, and provides drill-down capabilities to query history and details. In addition, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) traps capture and send SNMP alerts to a network management system allowing for easy integration with enterprise network and server monitoring solutions.

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