Idera SQL doctor Beta Now Open

Idera, a provider of Microsoft SQL Server management and administration solutions, has announced the public beta of Idera SQL doctor 1.1, a new tool for database administrators (DBAs) and database developers that collects SQL Server configuration and run-time information, analyzes the results, pinpoints problems, and provides immediate prioritized recommendations to resolve identified SQL Server performance problems.

SQL Server DBAs and developers are under intense pressure to maintain the
highest levels of database and application performance. Diagnosing and resolving performance issues can often be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. According to Idera, SQL doctor beta optimizes SQL Server performance, providing easy to understand performance and tuning recommendations including index usage, T-SQL syntax enhancements and configuration changes; improves DBA productivity, by eliminating lengthy discovery and diagnosis activities, enabling DBAs to focus on more important tasks; and maintains SQL Server performance, performing both real-time and scheduled health checkups.

SQL doctor presents the user with a quick prioritized list of the various things that they can do almost instantaneously improve the performance of their SQL Server, Heather Sullivan, director of SQL Server Solutions, at Idera, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Not only does it give users recommendations on what they can do to solve the specific problem but it also provide them with links that will take them to educational information on the particular problem topic, Sullivan adds. For example, she notes, if SQL doctor recommends removing an index, it might also provide a link to a resource on the internet about indexes and how they can be used and what to watch out for.

The public beta program is now open and all SQL Server DBAs and developers are invited to download SQL doctor for an extended trial and provide feedback here.