Idera SharePoint diagnostic manager 2.7 Adds SharePoint Capacity Planning

Idera, a provider of application management solutions for Windows and Linux, has introduced SharePoint diagnostic manager 2.7, which provides new capacity planning features enabling administrators to predict when they will need to expand or upgrade hardware in order to prevent performance issues caused by growth of SharePoint sites and content. This release also provides expanded analytics for SQL Server performance, web page health and uptime, and content usage and composition.

An enhanced security model also enables SharePoint diagnostic manager users to restrict access to data stored in its central repository, thus preventing unauthorized access to sensitive configuration data such as stored server names, and database names. In addition, SharePoint diagnostic manager fully supports SharePoint farms running on Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

The new analytics and capacity planning features are "a must-have" for a mission-critical and storage-dependent application like SharePoint, according to Wayne Washburn, director of SharePoint Products at Idera. "SharePoint diagnostic manager gathers and stores massive amounts of data to analyze and turn into actionable information and alerts."

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