Idera Unveils New Version of SQL Server Security, Compliance Solution

Idera, a leading provider of management and administration solutions for Microsoft Windows Servers, has announced SQLsecure 2.5, a security analysis solution that helps database administrators (DBAs) identify and track SQL Server security issues in order to ensure compliance with corporate security audit requirements.

SQLsecure 2.5 collects permissions data from SQL Server and Active Directory as well as the file system and registry settings to report on who has access to what and how that access is granted. SQLsecure monitors and analyzes changes made to access rights to ensure that integrity is maintained and security holes are not created. It also collects and evaluates key security settings within SQL Server and provides recommendations to improve server security.

SQLsecure 2.5 provides DBAs with a single point of control to manage collection rules, policies and to view risks and access rights. It also helps companies to comply with corporate and government policies by allowing DBAs to produce reports commonly requested by auditors. Reports may be scheduled or generated on-demand. New features in v2.5 include a Snapshot Comparison Report and a Regulatory Compliance Report.

The Snapshot Comparison Report provides DBAs with the ability to establish object rights, permissions, and security setting snapshots and then identify any changes that have occurred between the server snapshots and provide a detailed report to auditors. The Regulatory Compliance Report enables DBAs to focus on a particular set of SQL Server configurations, save an assessment and identify what objects are in compliance with regulations like DISA, CIS, NIST, SNAC, SRR, HiPAA and SOX.

Rick Pleczko, president and CEO of Idera, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "SQLsecure 2.5 is an automated tool that pulls vast amounts of information together in minutes to perform security assessments and regulation compliance checks. It groups areas into low, medium, and high risks and produces priceless reports essential to show continued compliance with policies and regulations."

For more information about SQLsecure 2.5 and Idera, go here.