Idera Updates SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.0 to Speed Time to Resolution

Idera, a provider of database lifecycle management solutions, has released a new version of SQL Diagnostic Manager, which now seamlessly incorporates issue resolution from IDERA SQL Doctor into the workflow, significantly reducing time to resolution for DBAs. Additionally, with the 10.0 release of 10.0 of Idera’s SQL Server database monitoring product, the prescriptive analysis recommendations from SQL Doctor have been updated by Microsoft MVPs to reflect current best practices and the most recent releases of SQL Server.

To ensure timely resolution of SQL Server issues, SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.0 provides intelligent recommendations with corrective scripts from SQL Doctor as well as built-in tuning advice and best practices. The product also offers proactive recommendations to improve the overall health of databases before problems arise. The result, according to Robert Anderson, senior director of product management at IDERA, is that both expert and non-expert DBAs can now find and resolve issues with greater efficiency.

In addition with SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.0, users can: configure multiple performance baselines and set contingent baselines that automatically adapt to specified thresholds, creating more meaningful alerts;  and create any number of individually configured dashboards for instance comparisons and tracking with 18 new drag and drop widgets, new query wait and database visualizations, and new custom dashboards. IT professionals can also now consolidate multiple SQL Diagnostic Manager deployments into one high-level view of all instances with drill-down capabilities, while also providing a comprehensive alert list.

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