Ikigai Labs AI Platform Arrives on the SAP Store to Deliver Insights for Time Series Data

Ikigai Labs announced its AI platform is now available on SAP Store, integrating with SAP to deliver AI-enabled data reconciliation, time series forecasting, and scenario planning across a broad range of industry and horizontal use cases. 

“In today's rapidly evolving business climate, we need to equip decision makers with insights that are informed by their own data as well as external factors," said Kamal Ahluwalia, president of Ikigai Labs. “Partnering with SAP allows the best run companies to unlock the hidden potential within their time series data for better forecasting and planning.” 

With the Ikigai platform, business users can merge disparate sources of time series data and utilize APIs or no-code AI/ML to build enterprise-wide AI apps in just a few clicks.

According to the vendor, Ikigai is built on top of its three proprietary foundation blocks developed from years of MIT research—aiMatch for data reconciliation, aiCast for prediction and aiPlan for scenario planning and optimization. The Ikigai platform also enables eXpert-in-the-loop (Xitl) for model reinforcement learning and refinement at scale. 

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