Illumio Accelerates Zero Trust for Hybrid Environments with Auto-Labeling, AI Chatbot, and More

Illumio, Inc., the Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) company, is unveiling a variety of new AI and automation capabilities for its ZTS Platform, each designed to ease and accelerate the processes of securing hybrid environments and achieving Zero Trust.

The ZTS Platform now features an AI-powered labeling engine that sheds instantaneous light on a client’s assets in data center and cloud environments. Paired with Illumio’s rules-based engine, the AI labeling engine drives faster security policy enforcement with easy workload labeling. Illumio’s auto-labeling also enables:

  • Faster time to deployment
  • Faster response to new applications and services
  • True labeling flexibility in hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Reduced configuration errors
  • Security compliance consistency and continuous workload classification
  • Auto-label cloud workloads based on network traffic, flow logs, and workload metadata
  • Rapid segmentation through streamlined policy management and less manual labor

Additionally, the ZTS platform now includes an AI chatbot—the Illumio Virtual Advisor (IVA)—with the aim of offering enterprises a way to easily understand and reduce their risk posture via natural language. Illumio is also adding machine learning (ML)-based policy recommendations for containment and resilience, delivering guidance on security policies for critical workloads to rapidly implement initial security measures.

This latest update envisions Ilumio’s platform as the most complete Zero Trust Segmentation Platform, according to the company, democratizing the process while simultaneously making it easy to implement and quicker to deploy at scale.

“Cybersecurity teams have never been under greater pressure and need a simple and scalable way to build resilience fast. We aim to make Zero Trust Segmentation more intuitive and effective, providing peace of mind in an increasingly complex and evolving digital landscape,” said Mario Espinoza, chief product officer at Illumio. “Our latest innovations not only reduce the complexity of labeling hybrid and multi-cloud environments, but also helps alleviate skill gaps by using AI and machine learning to deliver predictable, user-friendly, and intelligent assistance on the path to Zero Trust.”

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