Immuta Detect Delivers Continuous Security Monitoring and Advanced Visibility

Immuta, provider of sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and data activity monitoring, is unveiling its latest continuous data security product, Immuta Detect. Operating upon Immuta’s foundational data security platform, Immuta Detect consolidates data access logs to detect and amend risky behavior, while simultaneously improving data security posture management across cloud data platforms.

The amount of data sources and users within modern enterprises is progressively increasing to create massively complex cloud environments; this overwhelming complexity makes for particularly vulnerable infrastructures with difficult to manage data usage.

“We talk to a lot of enterprise-scale companies who are struggling with how to improve their data security posture. Now, quite frankly, these companies see other companies in the news in what feels like every day, every week—and they don't want to be one of these groups that has their brands dragged through the mud,” said Matt DiAntonio, VP of product management for Immuta. “It is a very, very common theme that people want to do better for data security.”

Doing better for data security revolves around having a thorough understanding for all data processes occurring within an organization. Maintaining compliance, effective threat response, and managing data access compounds to create potentially slow and manual audits across millions of log data records stored in heterogeneous data sources.

“It becomes really challenging for them [enterprises] just to get a sense of what's happening between the data sources, the users, the tags, and the environment,” explained DiAntonio.

By conferring with their customers, Immuta saw that they could “create an advanced access behavior analysis engine that will pull all of this information [data logs, sources, tags, etc.] together, harmonize the information available, enrich that, and then put it at the fingertips of our customers,” according to DiAntonio. 

Immuta Detect eases the pains of effective security by enabling users to quickly surface, prioritize, and remediate data usage risks—all powered by advanced behavior analytics that consolidate data access logs. This amalgamation of data enables continuous monitoring and analysis of changes in user behavior and data access entitlements by source, query, or user activity, according to the vendor.

“I think users should be most excited about having a strong understanding of what's happening in the data environment that they lead or manage, with the intention of then speeding the time to insight inside of their organization,” explained DiAntonio.

Individual user analysis and data activity summarization power Immuta Detect’s ability to uncover insights regarding time frames, data access events categorization, most active data sources, and sensitive data indicators to enhance users’ understanding of their security environment. With an automatic scoring system, the solution organizes data based on its sensitivity and level of protection so security teams can identify critical risks and receive real-time alerts for potential security threats.

“When we look across the landscape for continuous monitoring, we see answers in cyber security, network security; there's not a very strong set of options for data security, certainly not in a cloud-native environment. We believe being comprehensive and having these deep integrations with cloud-native partners gives us a very differentiated stance,” concluded DiAntonio.

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