Immuta Integrates with Data Fabric Security on AWS for Enhanced Integration and Security

Immuta, a data security leader, is debuting a new integration with Data Fabric Security (DFS) on AWS, a security solution engineered to enhance data integration across numerous systems while delivering secure data access. The integration with Immuta further expands DFS’ benefits, providing AWS customers with scalable governance capabilities and data access control for peace of mind when leveraging data spread across multiple environments.

The complexity of data in the digital era is known far and wide across enterprises in nearly every industry; whether the challenge is stringent regulation, incompatible data identity types, decentralized data stacks, data silos, or differing data access controls, the modern enterprise must contend with these obstacles to become a successful, data-driven business.

Immuta’s integration with DFS on AWS targets these exact inefficiencies, empowering organizations to safely integrate across their data environments.

The combination of Immuta’s granular, attribute-based access control (ABAC) and Radiant Logic's identity unification and rationalization enables enterprises to utilize data rapidly and securely from numerous environments at once.

“As more businesses continue to embrace AWS, we need to provide them with the tools that allow them to safely unlock the full value of their data, no matter where it resides,” said Matt Carroll, CEO of Immuta. “Modern, data-driven organizations must be able to ensure that secure and efficient data access is taking place across systems in order to conduct effective analytics and remain compliant, and we’re proud of our integration with Data Fabric Security on AWS, which enables their users to do just that.”

Immuta’s integration with DFS on AWS also provides:

  • Scalable data security that enables DFS to run smoothly at scale without role explosion or additional overhead
  • Simplified access management through an ABAC approach, which actively reduces manual effort while expediting access policy enforcement at runtime
  • Flexible data policy builder for ABAC that allows users to write policies and plain language and apply them comprehensively
  • Automated containerized deployment that optimizes data policy enforcement without impacting existing workflows

“Today’s identity data is decentralized across many incompatible data stores, making it difficult to authenticate and enable granular policy-driven authorization as required in a Zero Trust architecture,” stated Wade Ellery, field CTO at Radiant Logic. “The increasing demand to provide secure access to users outside the DoD, contractors, coalition partners, and other federal mission partners further complicates this issue.”

“Together with AWS and Immuta, we are delivering immediate value to the public sector by enabling customers to move data to a secure cloud environment for production, development, or the design of new data architectures while maintaining security, control, and granular access,” Ellery continued.

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