Immuta Introduces Universal Cloud Data Access Control Across a Variety of Lakehouse Architectures

Immuta, a leading provider of cloud data access control, is adding enhanced integrations with Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks SQL Analytics, and Trino (formerly PrestoSQL).

These new integrations—combined with existing support for Databricks, Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Starburst—enable Immuta to provide universal cloud data access control across all popular data lakehouse technologies, according to the vendor.

Immuta provides a cloud data access control platform that offers automated security and privacy controls enforced consistently across lakehouse architectures, helping its global customers safely unlock more data for more users and achieve more data-driven business outcomes.

Immuta’s latest platform release includes a number of new features and enhancements such as:

  • Integration with all lakehouse architectures – By adding integrations with Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks SQL Analytics, and Trino, Immuta is now the only data access control platform to provide a seamless data user experience with consistent enforcement across all leading data lakehouse technologies. Immuta’s 2021 Data Engineering Survey showed that Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse Analytics were two of the top five new platforms expected to be adopted in the next 12-24 months.
  • Policy as code – Data engineering teams that apply software engineering practices to their data ecosystem can now leverage Immuta’s new “policy as code” capabilities to seamlessly integrate cross-platform policy infrastructure with existing DataOps toolchains for version control, source code management, testing, reproducibility, and CI/CD. This allows data engineers to fully automate sensitive data management at scale—rapidly increasing time to data and helping customers achieve more data-driven business outcomes.
  • Expanded metadata integration – Governing analytics data access in lakehouse architectures often requires integration with diverse metadata for policy enforcement decisions. Immuta’s latest release introduces a new dbt Cloud integration to enforce policies driven by real-time metadata in dbt, the popular open source analytics engineering tool—in addition to existing metadata integrations with data catalogs, identity managers and more.

These new capabilities build on Immuta’s core feature set: sensitive data detection and classification, scalable access control, advanced data masking and anonymization, and dynamic policy enforcement and auditing.

“As organizations around the world increasingly embrace lakehouse architectures in the cloud, they are dealing with inconsistent access control policies for data security and privacy across different technologies,” said Steve Touw, co-founder and CTO at Immuta. “Faced with these new challenges, there is a critical need to provide consistent and stable cloud data access control. Our latest release offers data engineering and operations teams a single, universal access control platform to simplify and scale analytics access without compromising security or privacy control.”

In addition to this release, Immuta announced it secured 90 million in Series D funding. Immuta will use the investment to further its market leadership position and capture rising demand for centralized, scalable access control across cloud data sets that are increasingly diverse and distributed on multiple compute platforms.

The Series D funding round includes new investors Greenspring Associates, March Capital, NGP Capital, and Wipro Ventures, as well as participation from existing investors Ten Eleven Ventures, Intel Capital, DFJ Growth, Dell Technologies Capital, Citi Ventures, and Okta Ventures.

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