Impetus Technologies Offers Free Versions of its Streaming Analytics Platform

Several versions of StreamAnalytix, offered by Impetus Technologies, are now available for free, allowing enterprises to tap into a streaming analytics platform based on a variety of leading open source technology components.

“The role we are playing in the marketplace first of all is: we are making open source much more consumable by the enterprise,” said Anand Venugopal, head of products for StreamAnalytix at Impetus Technologies.

StreamAnalytix, launched earlier this year, is built on an open source stack including Apache Storm, Kafka, Hadoop. The solution embeds a complex event-processing engine for performing real-time analytics on streaming data.

The platform works with all leading Hadoop distributions and provides enterprises with the flexibility to easily integrate with any data source, message queue and target data store of choice. It also allows passing on data and event triggers to other enterprise applications based on business rules applied over streaming data. 

Three free versions of the platform, StreamAnalytix Lite, StreamAnalytix Developer and StreamAnalytix Sandbox, will be available indefinitely and meet specific needs of its user.

“It’s a really compelling value,”  Venugopal said. “I’m excited about what we’re offering and what’s coming up in terms of support for Spark a few months down the line.”

StreamAnalytix Lite is ideal for developers looking to ingest streaming data into Hadoop and use a powerful visual toolkit for developing real-time streaming analytics applications based on Apache Storm and deploying at scale.

StreamAnalytix Developer is designed to provide maximum power and flexibility for developers to build real-life and complex enterprise applications and perform functional testing before expanding to a full scale deployment.

And StreamAnalytix Sandbox provides developers with the fastest pathway to experiencing the power of the StreamAnalytix platform to build and test real streaming applications with Apache Storm. 

The free versions of StreamAnalytix will unleash the power of a graphical user interface (GUI)-based rapid application development and deployment platform to a wider audience of streaming analytics developers to gain experience, conduct pilots and take a wide range of applications into production.

“It is a powerful way to get known, offering something of value for no cost.” Venugopal said. “This platform will let you build an application independent of the underlying streaming engine. Once we get in we are able to not be obsolete. There is no risk of obsolescence.”

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