Imply Polaris Launches on Microsoft Azure, Ushering in Streamlined Apache Druid

Imply, the company founded by the original creators of Apache Druid, is announcing the availability of Imply Polaris—the fully managed cloud database service for Apache Druid—on Microsoft Azure. 

Imply Polaris—known as the “easy button” for Druid—works to ease the developer experience for building real-time analytics applications. Now available on Azure, Polaris offers Microsoft customers the ability to improve application alignment, as well as underpin hybrid and multi-cloud journeys from within a single platform. 

“Developers and organizations, now more than ever, need a cloud database platform to expand their applications with real-time data. Meeting our customers where their data resides, on their preferred cloud platform, is a central part of that journey," said FJ Yang, CEO and co-founder of Imply. "Providing the flexibility to operate across various cloud service providers is a significant advantage in today’s multi- and hybrid-cloud world. I’m excited to see the new products and experiences our customers will unlock on Microsoft Azure."

As a true database-as-a-service for Apache Druid, Polaris is the clear choice for developers needing to serve sub-second queries on terabytes to petabytes of streaming and batch data at hundreds to thousands of queries per second, according to Imply. This is particularly relevant for IOT monitoring, security analytics, and observability use cases. 

Selecting Polaris affords developers the power of Druid while simultaneously decreasing time-to-market, increasing developer efficiency, and reducing the TCO of running Druid, according to the company.

"With Polaris on Microsoft Azure, customers worldwide can more easily build premium-experience real-time analytics applications on Microsoft Azure," said Alistair Spears, senior director, product marketing, Microsoft. "We are pleased to welcome Imply Polaris to the growing Azure ecosystem."

“I call Imply Polaris a five-minute analytics infrastructure,” said Csaba Kecskemeti, senior development Manager at Zillow Group. “You can get from zero to a table with test data and build dashboards with the drag-and-drop-style report builder in literally no more than five minutes.”

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