Improved AI Capabilities are the Focus in the Latest SAP Customer Support Update

SAP is adding enhancements to its Next-Generation Support concept, including developments to AI-driven features such as incident solution matching and real-time support resources like the Schedule an Expert and Expert Chat services.

Through the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), these intelligent tools are helping to automate the customer support experience and deliver targeted results in a shorter amount of time.

“The overall mission of the Next-Generation Support approach from SAP is to minimize the effort and time required by SAP customers, while maximizing their business outcomes,” said Andreas Heckmann, global senior vice president and head of customer success services, SAP Digital Business Services, SAP. “The Intelligent Enterprise requires speed and precision, and the continued integration of machine learning and AI into the Next-Generation Support concept has enabled us to provide just that. These intelligent technologies enable our support tools and support specialists to learn from the past and deliver accurate solutions for inquiries in real time as well as customized, proactive recommendations before an incident shows up.”

In an effort to raise the bar in customer support, SAP Digital Business Services continues to leverage machine learning and AI to optimize its real-time support experience for customers and its built-in support features.

Integrated into SAP CoPilot, conversational AI makes it possible for customers to converse with the system, while the digital assistant uses the system context and other data to provide fast answers for customers’ technical questions.

 In the future, some questions won’t even have to be asked, with the digital assistant in the application giving customers all the support and information they need to avoid potential problems.

With the live support services Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert, the customer experience is being continuously improved as those tools are extended to additional solutions, enabling customers to get in touch directly with a support expert from SAP

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