Index Engines Releases New Unstructured Data Profiling Engine

Index Engines, an enterprise information management and archiving solutions vendor, has released the Catalyst Data Profiling Engine, providing a cost- and time-effective solution to big data issues. Processing all forms of unstructured files and document types, it creates a searchable index of what exists, where it’s located, who owns it, when it was last accessed and what key terms are in it. This information is provided through summary reports for immediate insight into enterprise storage.

 The Catalyst Data Profiling Engine allows enterprises to managed and classify mystery data, including content that has no business value or is owned by former employees and is abandoned on the network. “It’s a tool for organizations to help implement policies and clean up content, mostly aged data and abandoned data. We also have the ability to do a deeper, full content index where customers can look for personally identifiable information like Social Security and credit card numbers,” Jim McGann, Index Engines vice president, tells 5 Minute Briefing. By filtering metadata from user files and email databases, users can view content on specific servers or locations, and view top owners by capacity, age of data, files by type and more.

 Data profiling can look beyond metadata to drill down within documents and email to find content supporting keyword searches, confidential information, or compliance assurance audits. Once located, the data can be remediated, archived or moved to a different platform. “It allows organizations to understand what they have and then take action on it. They can delete data which is recorded in an activity log and they have the ability to move data to the cloud or a cheaper storage platform. They also can use tools to encrypt the data if they have regulatory requirements,” McGann explains. This enables organizations to reclaim significant data capacity, reduce their storage budget, and support proactive compliance, security and risk management initiatives.

 The Catalyst Data Profiling Engine is designed for large enterprise-class environments. “The unique value is that it was architected for large-scale environments; doing projects in hundreds of terabytes and petabytes to get significant views of that content,” McGann adds. Data profiling starts at $1,000 a terabyte and is deployable through VMWare and hardware. For more information, visit