InfiniDB Launches Version 4.6 with 60-Day Enterprise Trial Offer

InfiniDB, a provider of high-performance analytic data platforms, has released version 4.6 of its fourth generation columnar data platform.  The latest release includes enhanced support for large-scale join operations and support for additional data load commands to speed the extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) process. 

In addition, the company introduced a new 60-day enterprise trial that includes InfiniDB Enterprise Manager, a management console that simplifies the administration of InfiniDB, and provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of users’ InfiniDB servers.

“InfiniDB 4.6 builds on capabilities that are aligned with our product vision of being the easiest, most flexible, and scalable high performance analytic database.  InfiniDB continues to accelerate bulk data loading and is adding fine-tune management to the data ETL process,” said Jim Tommaney, chief technology officer at InfiniDB.  “InfiniDB for Hadoop is proving to deliver a tremendous uplift for the Hadoop stack, enabling real-time reporting and analytics without trading off performance or syntax.  Enterprise Manager makes it even easier to deploy InfiniDB whether it be cloud, on-premise, or Hadoop based.” 

InfiniDB is open source, MySQL accessible, and available on premise; as InfiniDB for the Cloud; and InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop. 

The 60-day InfiniDB Enterprise software trial features the open source InfiniDB core; additional enterprise features including GlusterFS integration and rebalancing;  and the Enterprise Manager performance console, which includes a framework and tools to manage InfiniDB deployments as they become more complex. 

For more information about InfiniDB, or to download a 60-day InfiniDB Enterprise trial, visit