InfluxData Adds LDAP Integration and Advanced Analytics to Time Series Platform

InfluxData, provider of an open source platform built for metrics, events, and other time-series data, has announced the latest release of InfluxEnterprise, which delivers LDAP integration, new analytics, and self-healing capabilities in the time-series database platform.

According to InfluxData, the increasing complexity of systems is driving the need for observability since even a small improvement in system behavior can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Time-series data, the company says, is integral to observability and is becoming mission-critical for organizations. The enhancements to InfluxEnterprise are aimed at making it easier for administrators to keep this data available and secure by checking and verifying every requested action—including creating databases, storing data and running queries—against a user’s stored authorizations and role.

InfluxEnterprise now supports authenticating users against LDAP, making it easier for site administrators to securely manage critical time-series data and users. This also speeds adoption of the InfluxData platform by improving the user experience through single sign-on and meeting security compliance requirements of internal operations for protecting private data.

In addition, InfluxData’s new release adds new analytical functions for mathematical and advanced financial modeling, enabling use of time-series data to create complex financial models. These functions are important for data analysis to help teams understand system behavior to predict outages in early stages.

With the new release, replication with self-healing also automatically detects data inconsistencies, resulting from causes such as hardware failure or user error, and resolves them so data across all nodes is consistent.

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