InfluxData Enhances Time-Series Database Platform

InfluxData has announced general availability of the InfluxData platform, version 1.3 of its open source platform built from the ground up for metrics and events.

The platform can now handle a billion unique time series, making it easier to handle ephemeral data coming from containers, or adding and removing sensors in IoT tracking systems. This is essential, the company says, as ephemeral data is becoming vital for modern applications built where containers, microservices and sensors can come and go and are not always connected.

The industry is grappling with the explosion of more data points, data sources, monitoring, and controls requiring nanosecond precision coming from sensors and microservices, said Evan Kaplan, CEO of InfluxData. This new release further delivers on the company’s promise of providing a modern engine for metrics and events defined by rapid time to value and extreme scale.

The InfluxData platform provides tools and services to accumulate metrics and events data, analyze the data, and act on the data via powerful visualizations and notifications.

New features in the 1.3 release include time series indexing, which moves the in-memory index to disk eliminating the restrictions imposed by the available memory and makes support for 1 billion endpoints possible, and highly availability anomaly detection, which ensures service availability of the alerting subsystem.

In addition, query language improvements support time zone offsets for queries, new time-based functions, and operators; and automatic cluster rebalancing make operational scaling and availability easier.

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