InfluxData Launches InfluxDB Native Collectors for Low-Code, Direct Data Migration to the Cloud

InfluxData, the enterprise behind time-series platform InfluxDB, is debuting new enhancements to its InfluxDB Cloud service. With new serverless capabilities, InfluxDB Cloud sees an acceleration of time-series data collection and processing, as well as an increase to storage capacity. The introduction of InfluxDB Native Collectors brings developers to the forefront with the ability to subscribe to, process, transform, and store real-time data from messaging and other public and private brokers and queues at the click of a button, according to the vendor. Native Collectors eliminate the need for additional software or new code while migrating data from third parties into the InfluxDB Cloud, increasing efficiency and decreasing resource waste.

These Native Collectors bridge the gap from data sources to InfluxDB Cloud, allowing for direct collection, transformation, and storing of time-series data into cloud environments. Developer teams will experience accelerated ingestion of time-series data in the cloud without the need for customization, orchestration, or additional hosting services.

“Data is born in the cloud at an exponential rate, but existing data pipeline tools that integrate multi-vendor cloud services are expensive, complex, and a burden for developers to manage,” said Rick Spencer, VP of products at InfluxData. “With Native Collectors, we’re expediting devices to cloud data transfers so developers can focus on building and scaling applications with their time series data. These updates enable InfluxDB Cloud to become a serverless consumer of data through easily configured topic subscriptions, greatly simplifying time series data pipelines and applications alike.”

Features available to users employing InfluxDB Native Collectors include:

  • Data ingestion into InfluxDB Cloud without writing any code.
  • Plug Native Collectors into device-to-cloud data streams for improved application operations, performance, and security.
  • Direct data consumption into InfluxDB Cloud with no outside agents or coding, removing the need to utilize InfluxDB-specific processing in third-party platforms or code.
  • Deliver real-time data ingestion with increased speed, simplicity, and scale.
  • Out-of-the-box data filtering and processing prior to InfluxDB Cloud ingestion to reduce storage costs.

Native MQTT is currently available for InfluxDB Cloud users using Native Collectors. InfluxData plans to add Native Collector for Apache Kafka and AMQP in late 2022.

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