InfluxData's Strategic Partnership with Google Lands InfluxDB Cloud on Google Cloud

InfluxData, creator of the time series database InfluxDB, InfluxDB Cloud is now on Google Cloud, offering developers and businesses unified billing, support, and integration with other Google Cloud services.

InfluxDB Cloud on Google Cloud is a serverless, purpose-built time series database-as-a-service with advanced analytics that provide real-time observability into IoT and DevOps workloads.

InfluxDB Cloud empowers users to derive new insights from their data, and with usage-based pricing, ensures customers never have to worry about added costs of overprovisioning or risk their application being unavailable when they need it.

“Data has gravity, and open source technologies are increasingly critical for building next-generation applications,” said Evan Kaplan, CEO of InfluxData. “Through this strategic partnership, Google Cloud is creating a marketplace for developers to thrive — with options for specialized workloads and access to the most powerful open source tools at their fingertips. It’s a continuation of our shared commitment to deliver solutions that help drive new data insights and applications.”

InfluxDB Cloud is a serverless time series platform, purpose-built to collect, store, query, process, and visualize raw, high-precision, time-stamped data.

InfluxDB Cloud features flexible and transparent usage-based pricing and a free tier to increase accessibility to all developers. InfluxDB Cloud leverages Flux, a new data scripting and query language that uses less code to extract more complex and valuable insights from data, better detect anomalies and enable real-time action with alerts and notifications.

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