InfoBright Announces Investigative Analytics for Mobile Data

Infobright has announced Investigative Analytics for mobile data, enabling network carriers, service providers and mobile-data applications to improve upon operational statistic-gathering by monetizing streams of mobile data. Using Infobright’s suite of Investigative Analytics, including data compression, high performance ad hoc querying, and a miniaturized software footprint, enterprises can ask questions about how to increase profits, market share and competitive advantage.

“The keys to investigative analytics are fundamentally the ability to perform very well when you’re doing random or ad hoc queries. Your query is informed by the result set of your previous query,” Don DeLoach, CEO of Infobright, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

IA’s Knowledge Grid, DomainExpert and Rough Query have expanded the types of questions customers can ask in an IA environment. Infobright’s IA solutions feature highly efficient data compression and optimized load speeds, enabling mobile-network-service providers and infrastructure providers to store larger historical data sets for more accurate analysis. Deep compression allows implementations to start with as little as a single server.

 Infobright offers its IA solutions in enterprise-class appliance configurations, software-only installations, and embedded OEM implementations.  Visit for more information.