Infobright 4.0 with DomainExpert Advances Web and Machine-Generated Data Analytics

Infobright has announced Infobright 4.0, a database with built-in intelligence for fast analysis of machine-generated data, including sources ranging from web, network and computer logs, to data from online gaming, social networks, sensors, satellites, and financial transaction feeds.   

Infobright is focused on providing an analytics database that is optimized for machine-generated data, and in most cases, users are seeking almost real-time access to the data to slice and dice it, as opposed to end-of-day reporting, Susan Davis, vice president of product management and marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Machine-generated data which is being created 24x7 not only represents the fastest-growing category of big data, but it also represents great potential value to customers as well, says Davis.

The key to Infobright's approach is that it uses intelligence about the data to drive performance, she notes, and with 4.0, that approach is extended to understand context. Infobright's goal is to give users fast access to their data, as well as the flexibility to do any kind of analysis without IT or DBA intervention, and the ability to sustain high performance whether they are dealing with information within their own enterprise or big data from the cloud.

Infobright 4.0 adds DomainExpert technology, which has been developed by Infobright and can cut query response time in half by using specific intelligence about machine-generated data to automatically optimize how data is stored and how queries are processed. In addition, users can also add their own domain knowledge to extend this capability to meet their specific needs. 

And, with its new Rough Query feature, Infobright 4.0 can also speed up data mining by a factor of 20, enabling users to quickly find the "needles in the haystack" within a large volume of data. According to Infobright, the combination of Infobright's high rate of data compression and the Rough Query capability allows companies to store more data history yet drill down into the data at a fraction of the speed of other databases. 

Also introduced with the new release is the new Distributed Load Processor (DLP), an add-on product for Infobright Enterprise Edition (IEE). DLP scales load speed linearly across multiple servers and provides connectivity to a Hadoop cluster, enabling users to more quickly transform raw data into analytic intelligence. The product is designed for companies needing near-real time loading of very large volumes of data. With DLP, load speeds of over 2TB per hour into a single database table can be achieved. 

Infobright Release 4.0 will be generally available within the next 30 days.