Infobright Delivers Open Source Data Warehouse Software for Windows

Infobright, the open source data warehousing company, has announced Infobright Community Edition (ICE) for Windows. In response to requests from the Infobright open source user community, the company now offers native support for its popular ICE open source data warehouse on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Infobright has pioneered the development of self-managing data warehouse software and delivers a highly scalable analytic data warehouse that significantly reduces ongoing management costs. Infobright's solution is being used by companies in online marketing, financial services, and other industries to provide rapid access to critical business data with operational simplicity.

The market response to ICE has been positive, with nearly 4,000 downloads over the last four months and very active user forums. However, a large percentage of visitors to are Windows users and up until now, the Infobright data warehouse has only been offered on the Linux platform. Infobright's goal has been to also support the Windows segment of its community with a data warehouse that fits seamlessly into their infrastructures, and this new release provides that ability. It will now be much easier for many companies to bring the Infobright solution into their Windows-based IT departments.

Miriam Tuerk, CEO of Infobright, tells 5 Minute Briefing that the "Infobright Analytic Data Warehouse is different from other column-based analytics servers on the market because it is based on data mining technology. It uses a metadata knowledge grid that runs in memory and is not dependent on the data schema. The metadata is automatically created when data is loaded into the warehouse, and all queries run well because they go against the metadata."

A proven alternative to today's high-cost, high-maintenance data warehouse products, ICE offers the industry low total cost of ownership and the benefit of operational simplicity. The columnar database is ideal for analytics, and the self-managing Knowledge Grid architecture reduces typical implementation and ongoing management costs by up to 90%. Using industry-leading compression, ICE supports up to 30TB of data on a single, industry-standard server, which reduces hardware requirements, while integration with Sun Microsystems' MySQL database provides MySQL users with a seamless path to a highly scalable analytic data warehouse.

For more information about Infobright, go here. To download ICE for Windows, go here.