Infobright Reveals New Solution for Faster Large-Scale Queries

Infobright, the columnar database analytics platform, has unveiled its new Infobright Approximate Query (IAQ) solution for large-scale data environments, allowing users to gain insights faster and efficiently.

“This technology is being delivered on the basis of rethinking the business problem and using technology in a very meaningful way to solve problems that would otherwise be unsolvable using a traditional approach,” said Don DeLoach, CEO.

IAQ is based on sophisticated mathematical models developed over a 10-year period, and backed by a variety of patents held by Infobright, according to Deloach.

The result, the company says, is that the new solution can find insights 1,000 times faster than state-of-the-art processing architectures with similar hardware. Using a statistical modelling approach to render results for complex datasets, IAQ generates knowledge using analysis on vertical segments of data.

“It gives us the ability to ingest data very fast while compressing it very tightly,” DeLoach said. When data is loaded, intelligent algorithms evaluate the data and generate knowledge.  The resulting metadata can then be exposed for interactive, near-real-time insights.

IAQ can overlay traditional relational database environments as well as NoSQL environments such as Hadoop, Spark, Teradata, Cassandra, MongoDB, and others.

 “The feedback we’ve gotten has not only been supportive of the direction we took, it’s been overwhelmingly supportive,” DeLoach said. “We think we have a meaningful, market-moving opportunity in front of us and we are aggressively pursuing it.”

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