Infobright Unveils “Infopliance” Database Appliance Built for Analyzing Machine-Generated Data

Infobright has announced Infopliance, a database appliance purpose-built for the analysis of machine-generated data.

In its analysis of the market, Infobright concluded that there is a gap in the appliance market that could be effectively filled with a high performance appliance at competitive price points, targeting organizations that are storing large quantities of machine-generated data.

Integrating Infobright’s analytic database with dedicated server and storage hardware, the new appliance is intended to provide customers with a cost-effective, scalable solution for extracting insight from growing volumes of real-time and historical information generated by web logs, network logs, call detail records, security data, and sensor data. Infopliance is based on Infobright’s patented Knowledge Grid architecture and columnar technology.

“We have seen a growing need among customers who are going from one terabytes to two terabytes, to 15 terabytes, to 30 terabytes. They are experiencing very explosive data growth, and we began to realize that there would be a market for delivering a purpose-built machine-generated data appliance,” Don DeLoach, president and CEO of Infobright, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Many organizations are considering multi-purpose database appliances to store machine-generated data because they like the simplicity, and there are some “really nice options for general purpose data warehouse appliances,” but the price points are ”really high,” contends Deloach.  These customers may think that their only option is to turn to a general purpose appliance, says Deloach, “but we believe we can offer, and that there is a very vibrant market for, a machine-generated data appliance that comes in at a much more aggressive price point than a general purpose appliance and that even offers some additional capabilities that you wouldn’t get there.”

The Infopliance system scales from 12 to 144 terabytes of data in a single appliance node with no hardware change, and costs under $4,900 per terabyte of data at the high end, which the company says is one-half to one-third the cost of other database appliances.

According to the company, the new Infopliance enables fast query processing, especially for ad hoc analysis, with no indexing, partitioning or manual tuning required; supports thousands of users; features easy integration with Hadoop, BI dashboards, and traditional databases; and simple set-up and administration, supported by Infobright’s self-tuning and self-managing architecture. 

Infopliance will be generally available in the fourth quarter of this year. Multi-node configurations that will scale to petabytes of data are planned for 2013.

More information about Infopliance is available at