Informatica Announces Comprehensive Data Integration Marketplace

Informatica Corporation, a provider of data integration software, has announced the "beta version" of the Informatica Marketplace for a community of buyers and sellers to share and leverage data integration solutions. Building upon the company's community of more than 52,000 developers on TechNet (Informatica Technology Network) and over 400 partners, the Informatica Marketplace will offer solutions for seven technology categories including: Enterprise Data Integration, Data Quality, B2B Data Exchange, Application Information Lifecycle Management, Complex Event Processing, Cloud Data Integration and Master Data Management.

Once the Informatica Marketplace is open for business, it will provide a central location for the community members to contribute mappings, mapplets, connectors, templates, dictionaries, vertical solutions and more. Buyers and sellers will have an open marketplace for a broad range of data integration components and solutions. Buyers will be able to conveniently find and purchase from a choice of solutions offered by the community. Sellers will develop and market innovative components and solutions for the installed customer base. The combination of the Informatica Platform and the unified technology from third parties in the Marketplace will benefit all participants.

"I think it is really going to be something exciting for our customers, and for the broader data integration community. It is a classic marketplace in the sense that it is a place to connect people who are looking for data integration and data management solutions with various folks who have created those and want to provide those out to the community," Judy  Ko, vice president of product management and marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

This marketplace is not a brand new idea and has actually been happening already in many ways, "but it has been ad hoc, through different portals, and different mechanisms on our TechNet, which was not really built to support this in a fully functional manner," Ko explains. "The Informatica Marketplace is really a way to make this much more efficient, put more power into that infrastructure, and bring everything together."

Informatica, she adds, has "the broadest, most comprehensive platform, so we are uniquely positioned to enable this for the larger community, and a key point for this marketplace is that it is not just an Informatica Marketplace. We called it that for branding purposes, but it is going to be an open community. If someone has something to share that is relevant to this realm of data integration and data management, even if it has nothing to do with our products, that is something we would welcome into the marketplace."

With today's launch of Informatica Marketplace for data integration, Informatica is building on the established Cloud Integration community. The Cloud Community complements Informatica Cloud 9, a comprehensive platform for cloud data integration. Informatica Cloud 9 Platform enables developers to build, share, reuse and run custom data integration and data quality mappings in the cloud.

Informatica is also announcing a contest to all Informatica developers. For full details on the contest register here. The winner will be awarded a round trip ticket to InformaticaWorld 2010, November 2-4, 2010 in Washington D.C., where they will demonstrate on stage their Informatica Marketplace contribution to thousands of attendees.

For more about the Informatica Marketplace, go here.