Informatica Announces Expanded Partnership with Amazon Web Services

Informatica has announced an expanded partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). With this announcement, Informatica Cloud is moving to AWS as its underlying infrastructure.

Informatica’s portfolio of data integration, data quality and master data management solutions will offer native connectivity to AWS services, making it easier for customers to operate in a hybrid cloud environment. Informatica on AWS will make it easier for customers to deploy and manage enterprise-class data enablement solutions, such as Informatica PowerCenter, to the cloud for greater agility and lower operating cost.

With the growth of big data, companies are always looking for improved software to process it. Informatica believes that AWS is the cloud platform that offers the best processing/cost performance for enterprise organizations.

Informatica has begun to strategically move customer’s data to AWS. One of Informatica’s top customers, UBM, has moved its data processes to AWS and are extremely happy with the results. UBM is a multimedia company involved in publications and arranging public events. The company is a consolidation of over 30 brands. The different brands were all focused in separate industries. “Moving all of them into AWS and standardizing integration and infrastructure on the cloud has enabled UBM to get a single view of the customer across the 30 brands,” explained Ronen Schwartz, VP and GM of Informatica Cloud.  It allows for UBM to gather a better understanding of their customers and their interests.

According to Ronen Schwartz, one of the biggest benefits for a company to move their data to AWS is provisioning. “It would usually take a server a couple of months to be available. With AWS, you can provision a whole data warehouse and integration environments from Informatica in a matter of minutes. This is changing the face of innovation,” stated Schwartz.

Looking ahead, Informatica will continue broadening connectivity to AWS services and supporting new use cases around Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, customer behavior, security and fraud detection.

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