Informatica Announces Free Data Quality Checkup Tool

Informatica Corporation, a provider of data integration software, has announced the availability of a free Data Quality Checkup Tool. Aimed at the business user and designed and developed to help existing and prospective customers quickly and easily assess the health of their data, the tool enables users to get an introduction to Informatica's Data Quality products at no cost. With the results of the checkup, organizations can build and strengthen business cases for investing in data quality.

High-quality data is complete, consistent, accurate and current. The need for it continues to grow as companies are being asked to be operationally efficient, meet regulatory compliance, and reduce risk. High-quality data keeps a company competitive and thriving, no matter what the size of the company is or which industry it is in. Informatica's Data Quality products provide robust data analysis, data cleansing, data matching, exception handling, and reporting and monitoring capabilities that can all be combined to enable data quality to be managed as an enterprise-wide initiative.

Tommy Drummond, vice president of data quality at Informatica, tells 5 Minute Briefing, that "the process for utilizing the free data quality checkup tool begins by visiting the checkup website which has built-in browser security. Visitors are first asked to fill in a questionnaire that will help them to assess how mature their organization is in valuing data as a key enterprise asset. After this, they can securely upload a flat file of sample data which gets encrypted, processed on-site, and stored on an Informatica server. Then an Informatica data quality product specialist profiles the data and within a few days emails the customer a password protected link to a data profiling report. The report shows the customer the overall health of its data, and helps them to assess whether or not they have a data quality problem. If the customer decides the problem is serious enough, they can then schedule an on-site data quality audit with Informatica professionals to develop a custom improvement and maintenance plan."

This plan then enables customers to take advantage of Informatica's Data Quality software products which foster collaboration among business information owners and IT team members on implementing numerous data quality capabilities including data profiling, cleansing, matching, and monitoring.

For more information about the Data Quality Checkup Tool, go here.