Informatica Cloud Winter 2013 Features Improved Cloud and Data Quality

Data integration software provider Informatica has announced Informatica Cloud 2013, the latest release of its cloud-based integration and data quality applications. This release delivers new end-user cloud integration features and enterprise-class capabilities, as well as improvements in cloud master data management (MDM) and address validation. These features, along with expanded availability of cloud connectors and integration templates, extend Informatica Cloud’s functionality, ease of use, and performance. 

Informatica Cloud Winter 2013 provides a revamped cloud integration interface that improves end user productivity. “We’ve added a lot of enhancements around search, making it easier for relevant information to be available to the end user. The simplicity and ease of use continues to be our number-one differentiator and a key reason why we built our cloud solution in the first place,” Darren Cunningham, vice president of marketing at Informatica, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The latest release from Informatica Cloud also introduces new enterprise-class capabilities for increasing developer productivity, including advanced data lookup functionality, custom integration parameters, and advanced session control in Cloud Integration Templates.

In the area of data quality, Informatica has introduced Informatica Cloud MDM, a master data management solution for customers to cleanse, de-duplicate, and enrich data. “We’ve tried to bring some best practices to the setup of Cloud MDM to try accelerate the implementation time,” Cunningham explains. “Being able to manage multiple hierarchies in a single, consolidated way is critically important to a successful CRM implementation.” Informatica Cloud MDM also features a new look and feel, and online help since Informatica’s acquisition of Data Scout.

New Cloud Connectors are another element of Informatica Cloud Winter 2013, enabling users to connect to a large number of on-premise and cloud-based applications. Closer integration with Informatica Marketplace improves time-to-value, and the latest release provides enhanced Cloud Connectivity features. “It’s all about a holistic data management strategy in the cloud, from the time you migrate data into an application, to making sure that you’re bringing high quality data only into the new system, and being able to integrate that new system with other systems,” Cunningham summarizes.

Informatica Cloud Winter 2013 is available now. Visit to learn more.