Informatica Introduces Cloud Summer 2012 Data Integration Services

Data integration software vendor Informatica has announced Informatica Cloud Summer 2012, the latest release of its cloud-based data integration service, which seeks to build out the cloud integration platform and make it easier to use. New features such as Cloud Integration Templates, productivity assets on the Cloud Integration Developer site, increased native cloud connectors, and expanded support for Informatica Cloud Data Loader Service make cloud integration more consumable and manageable than before.

Informatica’s New Cloud Integration Templates are pre-built, fully customizable, and streamline the integration process. “We want to make it easy for our customers to type in the problem that they want to solve and find a template for that and jumpstart a project,” Darren Cunningham, vice president of marketing for Informatica Cloud, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Cloud Integration Templates can increase ROI of cloud integration while reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 features an enhanced Cloud Connector Toolkit that allows users to build and deliver high-performance native connectivity to cloud or on-premise applications. “The toolkit will allow you to build connectivity for just about anything that has a web services API,” explains Cunningham, adding that the toolkit will, “Allow our partners to build the connectors they need for their customers.” Additionally, it supports advanced hierarchical data modeling, allowing for new integration scenarios in complex applications.

Expanded coverage of Informatica’s Cloud Data Loader is another element of the summer 2012 offering that allows users to move millions of records in and out of cloud applications without programming. It features transformations and automatic scheduling, and can be upgraded to advanced editions. Already developed for NetSuite, Microsoft CRM Dynamics and, Informatica seeks to build out data loaders for more companies and go to market as partners 

Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 is in pre-release. All Informatica Cloud customers will be automatically upgraded to the new version on August 11, 2012. Visit for more information.