Informatica Introduces Data Replication Solutions to Support Big Transaction Data

Expanding its existing product portfolio, Informatica Corporation now offers Universal Data Replication, giving customers more options to meet their business continuity, big data and operational data integration needs.

A part of the Informatica Platform, Informatica's new data replication technology includes Informatica Fast Clone which automates the cloning of application data and Informatica Data Replication which manages the capture, routing and delivery of high-volume transaction data across diverse systems in real time with minimal source system impact.

The new capability will help customers who need to move massive amounts of into appliances, Sachin Chawla, senior vice president and general manager, Data Integration, Informatica, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Especially as we start seeing more real-time data warehousing type cases, it becomes very important to do it with real-time replication technology," he says. In addition, the new data replication technology also supports reporting use cases in which organizations need to move reporting from an OLTP system into a reporting database, and want real-time reporting but don't want to interact with the OLTP system in order to reduce the cost of hitting against the transaction system.

The new capability can also help organizations seeking faster, less costly database migrations, he adds. If an organization has a system that can never take downtime like a transactional database that is facing the web for a web storefront, it may need to do an upgrade from one version of the database to another, or migrate from one hardware platform to another. In such a scenario, Chawla says, "what you do is replicate the data in real time onto the new system and then simply point your application from the current active one to the new one."

Combined with Informatica's existing Cloud Replication, PowerCenter Real Time and PowerExchange Change Data Capture products, the Universal Data Replication capabilities are expected to offer customers more choice to fit their needs. "We can get into new markets with continuous availability and we believe we have a deeper and better solution in terms of the new analytics capabilities which Informatica supports," says Chawla.

Informatica will host an Introduction to Informatica Data Replication webinar on August 16 at 9.30am PT to provide a demonstration and answer questions on the new products.